Play Pokies in Australian Online Casinos

It is well-known that Australians love gambling entertainments, especially the particular type – pokies. That’s how Aussies call slot machines. Moreover, the latter were invented there and that’s why now they are so widespread both in local staking rooms and on the Internet.

So, no wonder there are high-quality online examples, developed for AU auditory. Since the invention of this kind of amusement more than 60 years have passed, and nowadays the technical progress allows enjoying much more exciting versions of spinning machines.
Australian online betting houses offer different variations of this entertainment, so everyone can satisfy his/her preferences and have a good time in the Australian online casinos.

Main Types

australian slots in online casinosAfter reading this article, you will discover the main types of pokies that are common in Australian web casinos.
As the market of Internet gambling games is growing, nowadays players have a wide range of choice (just thousands of different slots by different providers).

However, they are categorized into several groups. Firstly, you should know that there are units that differ in a number of reels, paylines, and winning ways. Moreover, we can highlight such kinds as video and 3D that have more advanced graphics than regular ones. And, surely, we ought to mention that you will come across diversely themed arcades (based on movies, books, comics, TV shows, and so on).

Number of Reels

Reels play a big role in the possible outcomes of the game. More of those items mean more winning ways, and therefore the opportunity of getting some prizes increases.
In general, there are 3-5-6-9-reel pokies. Some players like the standard (classic) amount of spinning lines, other prefer when there are many of them. Anyway, try few options and decide which is the best for you.

Standard 3-5 Reels

You can find various alternatives, but classic slots should have 3 reels (the first concept of this entertainment). Nowadays the standard ones go with 5, this adds more options and at the same time doesn’t make it too complicated.

6-9 Reels

Gamblers, who are looking for something bigger and amusing ought to choose 6+ spinning lines because it will allow having more frequent winning outcomes.

Paylines and Winning Ways

slots in online casinos australia
When playing in the machines, you ought to pay attention to the number of paylines and winning ways. By triggering all lines (the amount varies from 1 to 100) for the bet, you can expect more lucky combinations, which means the chances of getting a reward are higher.
You can come across amusements with 243/1024/3125 ways to win and the quantity of them depends on the activated paylines and a number of reels.

Additional Features

Except for the standard features (like adjusting settings, game buttons, interface management) there are also special ones that make the game more thrilling.
For example, you might be surprised by the appearing of unusual symbols like scatters, wilds or multipliers. The first ones help to trigger in-game bonuses, the second characters are used for completing the winning combination, and the last ones can multiply the victory reward.

Penny Slots

Some web spinning machines have very low bet requirements. Penny slots allow staking with $0.1, which is great as everybody can afford that.

MegaSpin Slots

And there is also a variant for those, who’d like to win big at once, without spending much time. By playing MegaSpin, you can pick several games, set the bet, and consequently get the opportunity to score much more.

3D Pokies

If you are serious about graphics quality and like watching beautiful real-like images, then 3D pokies will be the best option. It is so pleasant to have a gaming session, where everything is animated.

Flat Top and Progressive Jackpot

online casinos with aussie slotsOnline casino customers may find different kinds of Jackpots in slots. There are two main types – Flat Top and Progressive JP.
Flat top means that the main prize is a fixed sum (for example $50,000).

On the contrary, the progressives offer big funds that can grow overtime (as a part of each wager goes into the fund of the pool). Such a reward may reach even millions of dollars.